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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 22, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on the cw. he's officially charged, he's talking, and cooperating with the investigators. what we are learning from the surviving boston bomb suspect. short of peace and love, lost on litter. san francisco's hot new warm weather trend trashing public parks. and for years, it was something of an urban legend, bunot now. who is accused of dumping more than 1,000 poor, mentally ill patients on bay area streets? good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> federal investigators think the two men were motivated by religious extremism, but not involved with any terrorist organizations. >> reporter: at 2:50 p.m.,
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only tolling bells broke the silence as the city marked the momentxactly one week after the bombs went off. it was a moment that was shared in the white house and on capitol hill. federal law enforcement turned over control of boylston street to local authorities. the site of the bombings could be reopened to the public as soon as tuesday. it will take longer than that to heal the people that live here. >> everyone you speak to knows someone who has been touched by this. so, it keeps getting, you know, you relive it many, many times. >> boston university held a memorial service for grad student, one of the three who lost their lives in the attack. in nearby medford, family and friends of 29-year-old, krystle campbell, gathered for her funeral. we are also learning more about the 19-year-old accused of the bombings. dzhokhar tsarnaev remains in serious condition at this
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boston hospital. a federal magistrate judge read his rights. because of a gun shot wound to his neck, he can't speak. he nodded his head for yes, but spoke the word no when asked if he could afford a lawyer. he is being charged for using a weapon of mass destruction. he could get the death penalty. sources close to the investigation told the associated press, evidence suggests johar and his brother, tamerlan, were motivated by religion. adriana diaz, boston. >> there was a big smile on aaron hern's face. the 1 #-year-old martinez boy injured in last week's bombings. a's batting coach, first baseman, and right fielder stopped by to see how he's doing. the team said they want to honor aaron at a home game later this season.
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aaron's classmates wanted to make sure he knows they've got his back. they sent him this get well video. his math teacher took her camera room to room with kids offering signs of encouragement. canada has thwarted its own terror plot. in the toronto area. those suspects were in the planning phase and they were getting outside help. >> the individuals were receiving support from al-qaeda elements located in iran. >> the suspects had been under surveillance for more than a year now. as far as anyone can tell, this plot was not linked to the boston bombings. >> san francisco is looking into a new way to secure its own streets. police chief is thinking about stepping up cameras along market street to monitor some
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big events, like gay pride, or the giants world series parade that attracted millions of people. >> i'm not talking about monitoring this day-to-day. during the events when there's 100,000 people up and down market street. >> cameras are not a new idea. there are plenty of security cameras up, but cops only look at them after the fact. whether you are playing baseball, working, or just walking to your car. no matter what you are doing, outside today, you probably felt the heat. the warm sunshine. yes, some records fell. brian is here. he has some closer looks at the numbers. brian. >> i do indeed. we have been keeping records for many, many years. some of those records fell by the waste side. all it took was highs in the 80s. 89 degrees at fair field. all of those records. 87 in san jose and 87 degrees at napa. and we beat some of the records in oaand, san rafael, and
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napa, those are the old records. we beat them by 1, 2, 3, and 5 degrees. it's not going to last for long because look at that. fog returned to the golden gate bridge and that's the natural air-conditioning that kicks in after a heat spell. it will do it tomorrow and big time midweek. we'll have the entire forecast and tell you when to expect the real cooling trend when we have the forecast a few minutes from now. mr. bastida. >> thanks. the warm weather drew a huge crowd to the annual 4/20 smokeout at golden gate park. they left it totally trashed. in more ways than one. check it out. joe vazquez found out partyers aren't the only problem for city parks right now. >> reporter: about 15,000 people came out here to the golden gate park this saturday with the express purpose of getting high. the city is saying the mess that was left behind is a new
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low. they call it 4/20, the celebration on 4/20 in golden gate park. 420 happens to be code for marijuana, and that happens to be the theme of the party. this year's event was this past saturday on a beautiful sunny day. >> festive and bigger than i was expecting. >> ryan of san rafael was there. he says most people were just enjoying the day. some more than others. but it turned ugly in an instant. this is video someone posted on youtube. somebody got thrown to the ground. another guy came back using a guitar as a weapon. the fight was over pretty quickly before the cops could arrive. >> i had no idea what happened. i'm guessing somebody got some bad granola. >> is that code for something?
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>> marijuana. >> it was a total pig sty in golden gate park. >> a short fight is one thing. the bigger concern seems to be the huge pile of trash that got left behind. weiner says people trashing parks is becoming a real problem across the city. delores park, for example. today it's calm and clean, but when it gets crowded, it gets sloppy. >> we want our parks to be well used, but people need to treat the park with respect. >> these trash cans that line the streets weigh 600 pounds each. the department of public works tells me that 13 of them were picked up on saturday and the contents dumped into the street here. dcw spent sunday picking up something like 15, 5-tons of trash to the tune of $15,000 of taxpayer money. >> if you're going to use the grass, keep it clean when
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you're done. >> that's one of the messages they want to send out. >> joe vazquez, thanks. hundreds of psychiatric patients loaded on buses from nevada with one way tickets to california and no housing arrangements. sounds crazy, but that's what nevada hospital is accused of doing. kpix5's linda yee with the formal investigation underway. >> reporter: the attorney ordered that investigation because he believes that at least 36 of those patients ended up here, dumped right in san francisco with no one waiting to pick them up. >> it was a disturbing discovery. 1500 poor, mentally ill patients from nevada getting one-way greyhound bus tickets and being dumped in other states. a sacramento bee investigation revealed the patients were coming from the state run psychiatric hospital in las vegas. san francisco city attorney is launching an investigation.
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>> it's reprehensible and illegal and there are medicare and medicaid indivisible are implicated. there are treatment indivisible healthcare providers are required to adhere to. >> herrera sent a three-page letter to nevada's governor and the head of the health and human services department demanding answers and record of patient transfers. the bee reported in one case, 48-year-old, james brown, endured a 15 hour bus ride to sacramento. he had a three-day supply of meds. some instructions to call 911 when he arrived. >> just the transparency of what occurred so far is sending a clear message to nevada and any other jurisdiction that might be engaged. this isn't something that will be tolerated. >> well, in the case of that patient who was dumped in sacramento. he was reunited with his family. now the nevada mental health officials did tell the sacramento bee and admitted to
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them that they made mistakes. but, they also said they make no apologies for the busing program, because, they insist that most of their patients do have somebody waiting for them or at least treatment programs at the end of that bus ride. >> so linda, an investigation underway. what does the city attorney hope to get out of this investigation? >> reporter: number one, he wants it to stop. they want them to stop doing that patient dumping or alleged patient dumping. also, he wants to recover any money that san francisco taxpayers have to pay out just to support these patients that were dumped here. >> all right, linda yee in san francisco, thank you. coming up, we're still living in the sequester and now those budget cuts have hit the bay area's busiest airport. what it means for planes and passengers at sfo. >> and their high-tech, wealthy, and claim to be echo friendly. the bay area cities that are vying for the title of biggest water hog. >> this is the genetic twin,
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which is cut down in 1890. >> a tree from the past to ensure the redwoods of the future. how a tree cut down more than a century ago could live on for thousands of years. the humble back seat. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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check bay area headlines tonight. two people hurt when a refrigeration unit was ruptured. it blew up, sending freon spilling into the store. neither of the injuries is life threatening. in san jose, cleanup crews have started clearing a large homeless encampment at kelly park. it looks like about 175 people have been living there. crews found an outhouse, even a television, they ran off of generators. and, federal budget cuts have kicked in testing the already thin patience of air travelers. faa furloughs causing some delays at airports across the country with air traffic controllers forced to take days off. at sfo, most lights were on schedule. some flights into and out of
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lax, it's a repeat of last evening when some flights out of los angeles were delayed up to two hours. well, it's one of the most well manicured cities in the bay area. >> and one look at the water bill will tell you why. on this earth day, kit doe shows us why palo alto is using so much water and who is using more. kit. >> this is an increasingly common sight here in palo alto. now the thing about this city is that they know they use a lot of water and they're trying to do something about it. >> it's one of the luscious, greenest cities in the bay area and it's no wonder. palo alto ranks near the top of the list for bay area water users. the bay area water supply and conservation agency says palo alto uses 100 gallons of water per day. the average is 77-gallons per day. it turns out, palo altoans love
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their yard. >> all the trees they are so proud of and the backyard gardens, they use a lot of water. >> a lot of the water goes to keeping the grass and landscaping green at stanford research park. a 700 acre cluster of dozens of companies. the city is looking into using recycled water here instead. >> there's room for improvement and other communities as well. i have to focus on my community and we can do better. >> even bigger water users. los altos hills have smaller populations, but using twice as much. 200 plus gallons per day. ellen says having a water wide garden is a matter of picking the right plants and getting rid of the biggest water hog of all, your grass. >> if you hang on to the american dream of the grass and the picket fence. have a little bit of grass. you know, to walk on, because it feels good and whatever, but
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just have a small area because it takes so much water. >> and palo alto does have programs like grass rebate, where they will pay you $1.50 for every foot of grass you tear out. the good news is, water usage in the bay area is down over the past couple of years. live in palo alto, kpix5. a lot of grass in the news tonight. a lot of sunshine, too. >> the grass is not getting greener these days, because we have this heat wave underway in the bay area. it's not going to last for much longer. because we have clouds. as the sun sank slowly in the west, look at that. isn't that beautiful? sunset, but it set as temperatures were still in the mid 80s. now it's cooled to 68 degrees. and one of the reasons is that we have that marine layer that moved back in. the golden gate bridge has two
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decks. 67 in concorde. and 65 in san jose. 63 in santa rosa. and it will be cooler tomorrow. mostly because of what you're looking at there. much cooler on wednesday. and it will be a sunny and mild weekend for the bay area. but, tomorrow still doesn't look warm, it's going to be quite as warm as it was today. out the door, we'll have patchy fog and spreading into some of the inland valley. sunny and mild, and inland, liver more will recover to 70 degrees by 9:00 tomorrow morning and sunny, mild conditions to get things going. and it's not going to be as hot tomorrow as it was today. high pressure begins to relax. the marine layer sneaks in. high on top of the marine layer and pushes it toward the surface. and that is fog. so one more warm day before the fog really takes hold. if you're heading out of the bay area, look at numbers in the mid 80s in the great valley. 66 at monterey.
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in chicago, it's going to rain. for san francisco, it's going to be nice and sunny. and 36 degrees for a high in denver. l.i. looks okay. partly cloudy skies. here's how we looked. concord down to 84 degrees. goes back to 85 and san jose will be at 80 degrees. note the cooling trend. we take it into the 70s. low 70s inland by thursday and bounce back a little bit toward the weekend. we're going to go with the usual low clouds by the end of the week and some in the afternoon. >> that's nice. all right, brian, thank you. to borrow a television phrase, it might have been the best stretch in entertainment history. remember, richie havens after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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legend as the openin folk singer has died. opening act at woodstock. the concert organizers kept telling him to keep playing. following that nearly three hour performance, he said quote, i played every song i knew richie haven was 72. redwoods will be popping up all over the world. >> even though they were cut
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down more than a century ago. kpix5 explains their clones, you will probably recognize someone in this story. >> the college is celebrating earth day in a very special way. they are planting three redwood trees, but these are some of the rarest trees on the planet. crones from redwoods cut down over a century ago. tree archive, dana king. >> this is the genetic twin of a field work stump. >> this was 30 feet wide and it was as tall as a 40 story building. scientists have now cloned living trees from that stump. they will grow here under the careful care of tom burke. >> this is one of my children. it's older than me, but i think of it as one of my children. >> the landscaping manager. he cares deeply for all the trees on campus. all 400 acres of them.
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>> you are an original tree hugger? >> i didn't know what a tree hugger was, but i used to hug trees. >> ancient tree archives is celebrating earth day by organizing clone plantings all over the world. in germany, ireland, whales, united kingdom, new zealand, australia, and here in california. >> these trees will live to be two to three, 4,000 years old. >> college of marin was chosen because here, they will be protected from the deer and harsh weather. when fully grown, these trees can reach diameters up to 40 feet. they will need a lot more space. we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. kpix5. >> . a's have done something they haven't done in almost one year. can you guess the other hero tonight? the minute is next.
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all-star david lee out, carl landry gets the start tomorw r the warriors and with warriors all-star out, david lee gets to start for game two. wayne, give me the clock. watertown's first responders
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honored at fenway tonight as the a's visited boston. down 4-3. mike had aj griffin for a grand slam. griffin gives up a career high, nine runs. seven earned. aaron was the tieing run in the 8th. not deep enough. shane victorino there. cody ross got the d-backs on the base first. 2-0 arizona. the giants play comeback. buster posey, another home run for him. a two-run shot. ties the game at 4 a piece. 9th inning, brandon bell who was hitting 183 at the plate. there's a base hit. here comes andre torres and the giants win in walkoff fashion, 5-4. and finally, nba playoffs with a nice save and rebound. nate robinson knocks down the 3 as the bulls even their series with the nats at one a piece. the warriors get in game two tomorrow in denver.
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they better win. they can't come home. >> tough one. >> thanks, dennis. thanks for watching. we'll see you at 11:00 on kpix5. ,,,,,, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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